The idea of clarity

Stabalux AK-H for timber facades and roofs

Natural beauty

Stabalux Timber Systems are characterized by the aesthetic and purposeful combination of the two materials timber and aluminum. The atmospheric warmth of wood on the inside combined with the resistance and lightness of aluminum on the outside. Technical advantages such as excellent insulating values, various gasket options and a large range of cappings, combined with the natural material of timber form the optimal unit for architects and building owners.

Advantages of Stabalux AK-H

  • Best Uf-values extending to passive house compliance
  • Wood type and support structure design are freely selectable
  • Architects and planners design their own cross sections

Construction details

System cross-sections

System Stabalux AK-H

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Performance data

Systemwidth50 | 60 | 80 mm
Air permeability EN 12152AE
Water tightness EN 12154/ENV 13050static
RE 1500 Pa
250 Pa/750 Pa
Resistance at wind load EN 13116Permissible load
Increased load
2,0 kN/m²
3,0 kN/m²
Impact resistance EN 14019I5/E5
Clamping joint
Permit Z-14.4-767
Glass weights dependent on construction≤ 1030 kg
Uf – ValueUf = 0,69 W/(m²K)
Glass thickness 44 mm, Insulating block
Burglar resistance DIN EN 1627RC2