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Curtain Wall Facade & Glass Roof by Stabalux

Stabalux supplies approved and EN13830 tested system products for filigree glass facades and glass roofs. The post and beam construction made of steel, timber and aluminium meets the highest requirements for passive house standards.

Intelligent simplicity of the systems is characterized by few items and easy installation. The processing of the systems can be done with the simplest means. These features offer you a noticeable competitive advantage. In addition, we are focused on supporting you quickly and competently at every point..

In addition to information about our products, the Stabalux website should also give you helpful information on sustainable building with glass facades and glass roofs. Therefore, we are pleased to receive comments and suggestions on how to improve our website in terms of presentation and content.

“We find the most sustainable solution together with you”

  • Easy

    Stabalux mullion-transom systems are technically cleverly thought-out. They consist of few components. Simple production and assembly save time and effort.

  • Fast

    You will receive your qualified offer within 48 hours. Your order is ready to ship within 24 hours.

Direct screwing

Unique sealing system for steel – aluminum – wood
With the new aluminum screwed rod system Stabalux AL, we supplement our glazing systems for facades & roofs with an aluminum profile system, which integrates into the technology of internal screw channels with direct screwing at Stabalux. The unique Stabalux sealing system allows the different Systems Stabalux SR for steel, Stabalux AL for aluminum and Stabalux H for wood can be easily combined.

Cover profile made of wood

Due to the perfectly coordinated aluminum top and top rails as well as the corresponding external gaskets, it is now possible to easily mount wooden cover profiles in the face widths of 50, 60 and 80 mm.

Further information and installation instructions can be found in our processing guidelines.

Glass roof from 2 ° inclination

Stabalux supplies tested mullion-transom systems for glass roofs from 2 ° pitch. The test was carried out in accordance with EN 13830. The watertightness was even carried out deviating from the standard with a larger volume of water of 3.4 l / (m²min). The standard specifies 2 l / (m²min). In addition, the impact resistance was tested with increased demand according to Cahier 3228 du CSTB Méthode dessai De choc sur vérriere, weighing 50 kg, from a fall height of 2.40 m instead of 0.95 m. The test applies to the systems:
Stabalux SR and Stabalux H.