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The idea of clarity

Threaded tube system for curtain wall and roof glazing

Economic solutions for sophisticated glass architecture

The Stabalux threaded tube system, which is made of continuously galvanized steel and integrated screw channel technology, greatly reduces planning, manufacturing and installation costs.

The profiles, which are designed in line with the static requirements, are available in various depths and wall thicknesses, and are ideal for high structures and the creation of a large glazed area look. The threaded tube system is not only suitable for standard glazing but, above all, for special glass types such as fire protection glass and structural glazing.

Assembly Stabalux SR

Construction details

System cross-sections

System Stabalux SR

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Performance data

Facade 5 mm high gasketFacade to 20° inclination; inner gasket overlappingRoof to 2° inclination
Systemwidth50, 60 mm50, 60 mm50, 60 mm
Air permeability
EN 12152
Water tightness
EN 12154/ENV 13050
RE 1650 Pa
250 Pa/750 Pa
RE 1650 Pa
250 Pa/750 Pa
RE 1350 Pa*
Resistance at wind load
EN 13116
Permissible load
Increased load
2,0 kN/m²
3,0 kN/m²
2,0 kN/m²
3,0 kN/m²
2,0 kN/m²
3,0 kN/m²
Impact resistance EN 14019I5/E5I5/E5Weight 50 kg
Height of drop 2,40 m
Clamping jointPermit Z Z-14.4-444Permit Z Z-14.4-444Permit Z Z-14.4-444
Post/beam connectionPermit Z Z-14.4-498
Permit Z Z-14.4-742
Permit Z Z-14.4-498
Permit Z Z-14.4-742
Permit Z Z-14.4-498
Permit Z Z-14.4-742
Glass weights dependent
on construction
≤ 2654 kg≤ 2654 kg≤ 2654 kg
Fire protection approvalF30 Facade
G30 Roof
Permit Z Z-19.14-1451
Permit Z Z-19.14-1235
Burglar resistance
DIN EN 1627
RC2, RC3, RC4RC2, RC3, RC4
Bullet resistance
DIN EN 1522/1523
to FB6 NS
Blast resistance
EN 13123-2
Airborne sound insulationto Rw (C;Ctr) = 48 (-1;-4)dB
Thermal transmission coefficientUf ≤ 0,62 W/(m²K)Uf ≤ 0,62 W/(m²K)Uf ≤ 0,62 W/(m²K)

*) In addition to the standard, the test was carried out with a volume of water of 3.4l / (m²min)