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The idea of clarity

Intermediate Strip for Curtain Wall and Roof Glazing with Steel

Best values

Not just good–but reasonably priced too. The intermediate strip is a simple system for single and insulation glazing with the best technical values. It is very popular with architects and processors as an economical add-on construction.

Exact gasket guide

Stabalux ZL guarantees an exact internal gasket guide for different support constructions. The internal gasket system and the intermediate strips form a clear optical unit.

The best heat insulation

The material properties of the intermediate strip ensure the best heat insulation of all post/beam constructions on the market. The Uf value is 0.67 [W/(m²K)] at 44 mm glass thickness.


Construction details

System cross-sections
Systemschnitte Stabalux ZL-S

System cross-sections

System Stabalux ZL-S

Download DWG | 1877 kb

Roof connection

Dachanschluss mit Stufenglas

Roof connection

Implementation with stepped-edge glazing

Download DWG | 990 kb

Dachanschluss mit durchgeführten Deckleisten

Roof connection

Ausführung mit durchgeführten Deckleisten

Download DWG | 969 kb

Dachanschluss mit Regenrinne

Roof connection

Implementation with rain gutter

Download DWG | 972 kb

Ceiling connection

Ceiling connection

System Stabalux ZL-S

Download DWG | 946 kb

Intermediate ceiling
Anschluss vor Geschossdecke

Connection in front of storey ceiling

Posts separated storey-wise

Download DWG | 1046 kb

Wall connection

Firstanschluss an Wand

Ridge connection to wall

System Stabalux ZL-S

Download DWG | 995 kb

Horizontaler Wandanschluss an Wärmedämmverbundsystem

Horizontal wall connection

System Stabalux ZL-S

Download DWG | 1036 kb

Base point

Mittelpfosten auf Bodenplatte (Riegelfahne durchlaufend)

Base point facade

Anchoring on base plate

Download DWG | 1183 kb

Mittelpfosten auf Bodenplatte (Riegelfahne ausgeklinkt)

Base point facade

Anchoring on base plate

Download DWG | 1115 kb

Mittelpfosten vor Bodenplatte

Base point facade

Anchoring in front of base plate

Download DWG | 1068 kb



Insert window HUECK

Series 1.0 IF

Download DWG | 1116 kb


Insert window HUECK

Series 1.0

Download DWG | 1038 kb


Roof window HUECK

Series 85E

Download DWG | 900 kb


Insert window Hahn

Series louvre windows S9 iVt-05

Download DWG | 1039 kb


Einsatztür auswärts

Insert door outward HUECK

Series 1.0

Download DWG | 989 kb

Einsatztür einwärts

Insert door inward HUECK

Series 1.0

Download DWG | 986 kb

Performance data

FacadeRoof to 2° inclination
Systemwidth50, 60, 80 mm50, 60, 80 mm
Air permeability EN 12152AEAE
Water tightness EN 12154/ENV 13050static
RE 1650 Pa
250 Pa/750 Pa
RE 1350 Pa 2)
Resistance at wind load EN 13116Permissible load
Increased load
2,0 kN/m²
3,0 kN/m²
2,0 kN/m²
3,0 kN/m²
Impact resistance EN 14019I5/E5Weight 50 kg
Height of drop 2,40 m

Suitable for passive house standard

System structureFacadeGlass thickness
e.g. ZL-S-60120-44-15Uf = 0,67 W/(m²K) 1)44 mm

1) Without screw influence

2) über die Norm hinausgehend wurde die Prüfung mit einer Wassermenge von 3,4l/(m²min) durchgeführt